A healthy body, a balanced diet, a healthy life. Increasingly, People seek these attributes and reserve a good part of the budget to have access to specialized products and services, and with this, businessmen from different branches invest to satisfy the yearning of consumers who seek better life habits.

One of the main reasons pointed for this moment is the change of status that occurred in relation to “to be healthy”. Today, going to the gym or having a good nutrition, for example, is not just an aesthetic issue, but also a medical recommendation. Within this perspective, new public started to practice some kind of sport, attending the gym or hiring a personal trainer. This public is aware of the importance of the quality of the life. It is a student profile that already has a disciplined personality and vision of medium and long period.

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Achieve excellence in development, manufacturing and marketing health foods seasoned without salt and in harmony with health environment and society.


Our vision is being reference as manufacturer of health foods that improve our consumer’s quality of life.


These are rules that constitute posture, behavior, social standard accepted or kept by the individual, class or society.



Conquered through lasting relationships, based on good communication, satisfaction, credibility and commitment;


Work with faithfulness, confidence, honesty, respect and transparency;


Comply with the expectations of the relevant public through the qualified process and people.


Promote the economic development, pursuing the social welfare and preservation of the environment.


Understanding the clients, customers, contributors and others partners is essential to our company development, to enable employee sand contributors to act with respect, fairness to all and being faithful to the commitments to make things happen in a simple and objective form, without losing the quality and focus of the company mission.